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Polar Express London Tickets

This Christmas, experience the magic of THE POLAR EXPRESS for the very first time in London. All aboard for an immersive, theatrical extravaganza featuring your favourite songs and characters from the film. 

Once you’ve booked up exclusive Polar Express London Tickets for the whole family, the countdown begins to the Christmas adventure of your life. For the next few months, keep an eye on our Facebook page for magical games and giveaways. If you’re making the journey from a little further afield, why not make your Christmas adventure into a weekend away? Booking a hotel stay near to the train station that THE POLAR EXPRESS departs from will extend the magic and give you and the whole family an unforgettable Christmas.

In the months coming up to the event, make sure you follow ‘The North Pole Trading Co’ on Facebook – this is where you can buy exclusive licensed THE POLAR EXPRESS merchandise to go with your Polar Express London tickets. This includes fleecy blankets (the weather can get pretty cold in the North Pole!), cozy hats, mittens and scarfs, as well as many Christmas decorations and toys. Most importantly, though, The North Pole Trading Co sells exclusive THE POLAR EXPRESS pyjamas. Fans of the film will know that all the children on board the Polar Express wear their cosiest, comfiest pyjamas – and here at THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride, we encourage all of our guests to do the same. From matching family pyjamas to your childrens’ favourite characters, we encourage all our passengers, big and small, to get into the spirit of the occasion. Never wonder whether you will be the only ones there in your pyjamas – we assure you are more likely to stand out for NOT getting into the festive spirit! To add to this still further, we do sell THE POLAR EXPRESS branded pyjamas. They are beautifully warm, soft and cozy. You can even buy matching dressing gowns (and don’t worry, no holes in these pockets!) for the ultimate authentic Polar experience.

Now you’re all kitted up and ready for your journey, make sure you keep your Polar Express London Tickets somewhere safe. Whilst the Golden Tickets are to be brought with you, the real magic lies in the letter posted with them, which tells you which carriage and seats you’ll be sat on when the train finally pulls in. You can expect your Tickets and letter to arrive 2-3 weeks before travel, but you’ll also get an email copy just in case.

Timing is very important – like the Conductor, you don’t want to be late for your Polar Express experience. We recommend you plan to arrive at the departing train station 45 minutes before your journey. Unlike the Conductor, however, there IS such a thing as too early – please don’t arrive any earlier than 1 hour before your scheduled departure. We won’t be able to let you on site due to passenger numbers. However, arriving 45 minutes – 1 hour before your departure time will allow you to explore the site, make sure no little tummies are grumbling (we do not allow food and drink on board other than that which we provide!) and pick up any last minute merchandise you might need for your magical North Pole journey.

Now, the post important part. The moment you’ve been waiting for since you booked your Polar Express London Tickets all those months ago. The POLAR EXPRESS’ arrival! The real, authentic steam locomotive will pull up to the station in all its magical grandeur, and you’ll hear those immortal words – “ALL ABOARD!”

As you climb on board to find your seats, hearts racing and smiles at the ready, you’ll be greeted by our friendly Chefs who will entertain and accompany you on your special North Pole trip. Expect the unexpected, as our multi-talented Chefs don’t just bake delicious cookies. They will sing, dance and tell jokes with you all the way to the North Pole and back again.

During your train ride, you can expect a fully immersive theatrical experience, where you’ll meet beloved characters from the film and book at every turn. Those iconic numbers from the film? Make sure you know the words, as you’ll be learning new dance moves and being encouraged to join in!

The Conductor may not have much patience with tardy passengers, but he’s been practicing with his special clippers all year. Make sure you bring your special golden Polar Express London Tickets with you, as at some point in the journey you may just be asked ‘tickets, please!’. What will appear on your Golden Ticket? Who knows!

As the weather gets colder and the journey goes on, you might just be asked Santa’s favourite Christmas song. Do you think you’ll guess it? We don’t! But as the moment draws near, the moment you’ve all been breathless with anticipation for, a special sort of magic settles in the air. At that moment, Santa Claus himself will appear at the entrance to your carriage. The big bearded man himself will spend a special moment with each of the children in turn, making sure they’ve sent in their Christmas list and checking it twice. Some of the adults may even get asked too! Before he leaves your table, make sure you get all your Christmas card pictures – after all, he has a whole train of Believers to meet before you arrive back at the station. He’ll also give you the First Gift of Christmas, a beautiful silver bell to keep forever to remember your magical Christmas adventure. Make sure none of your pockets have holes in though! 

Once your family have met Mr C, the time will come to begin the journey back to London – but the adventure isn’t over yet, with the theatrical extravaganza continuing until the second you leave the train. The hour long journey will be a whirlwind of adventure, excitement and Christmas magic.

Don’t forget, before you head home, to check out the gift shop, where you could test out the Believe-ometer, check the Naughty or Nice scanner and pick up some treasures to remind you of The Polar Express forever. And don’t forget to keep your golden Polar Express London Tickets safe! They’d look beautiful framed with a photo.

So don’t delay – book today for your whimsical, wondrous adventure with THE POLAR EXPRESS. 

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